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Our planet Earth is undergoing a shift in consciousness so that we can all live at a higher frequency of Love, Wisdom, Co-operation and Peace. We are incredibly blessed to be incarnated right now because the opportunities for Spiritual growth are enormous which is why everyone is called on to heal their emotions and thoughts now and use this great opportunity to transform themselves & evolve and help heal our planet as well.

Loving yourSelf Foundation is an endeavor to inspire you to form an inner connection to Love yourSelf thereby recognising your true magnificence and expanding your consciousness. I hope it becomes your magic wand for achieving the gentle transformations that you desire in your life, awakening your inner Divine wisdom on your evolutionary journey.

“When we love ourSelves, all areas of our life work”.

I’m immensely happy and grateful that you have made the choice to be here. Do browse around for any information and support that you might need.

Browse through the Loving Therapies for a personal session in Heal Your Life® Coaching, Sound Healing with Singing Bowls, through Loving Workshops on Heal Your Life® philosophy, if you feel like entering the gateway of personal growth and spiritual advancement and through Loving Babies, if you are interested in exploring the opportunity of welcoming your baby into your world in a relaxed and peaceful manner using HypnoBirthing®. Do look through the Loving Movies and join the club for your invitation to the screenings of various inspirational and heart felt films every month.

If you are inspired to aid others in their journey of self discovery, to start a new career or enhance an existing one, browse through our powerful Internationally Certified and Licensed Teacher Training programs.

If you need any more information, please be reaffirmed that answers are only an email away at I also look forward to connecting with you on Facebook or you can call me at +91 97113 25000.



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