About Shalini Kalra Jacob

In love with life, Shalini truly believes that life loves her equally!

Shalini is one of India's foremost Trainers and Life Coaches. Her workshops and coaching interventions have transformed countless lives. By enabling seekers connect with their essential being through integrated and holistic spiritual and healing techniques, Shalini nudges them to reassess their lives and choices, opening up to them a universe of limitless possibility, putting them each firmly in control of their own lives and destinies.

Shalini left behind a successful corporate career to transition to a Trainer & Life Coach. Her personal quest of seeking life's greater meaning and purpose led her through many wondrous and inspiring spiritual alleyways, changing her life forever in the process.

The great joy of receiving is only matched by the even greater joy of giving. Shalini's enduring mission now is to help fellow seekers commune better with the divine absolute within, empowering them to achieve their highest potential, in their own journeys of personal growth and spiritual evolution. She is committed to sharing the transformational principles and practices that have so changed her life, to inspire people to recognize their magnificence, and expand their heart consciousness.

Shalini's jouney has been inspired by the teachings and philosophy of Paramahansa Yogananda, Louise Hay, Diana Cooper, Doreen Virtue, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Swami Chinmayananda, Marie Mongan, Milton Erickson and Bert Hellinger.

Shalini trained with Dr. Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols from Heart Inspired Presentations to qualify as a Heal Your Life® workshop Leader and Coach, and is licensed as the Heal Your Life® Teacher -Trainer & Coach - Trainer for India by Hay House (US). Along the path, she has been elevating her skills in Reiki, Past Life Therapy, Life between Lives Therapy and Sound Healing.

Shalini travels across the country and overseas delivering seminars, workshops, training programs and coaching sessions to people from all walks of life, sowing the seeds of awareness to enable personal, professional and spiritual development.

Her corporate background, with its strong emphasis on ethics and discipline, coupled with the spiritual training she has received from the Masters, which emphasizes on the divine nature of being, enables her to seamlessly combine professional dynamism with spiritual subtlety in the holistic programs she conducts.

Her programs are engaging, joyous and life changing, motivating people to welcome greater joy and divine communion with their hearts and lives, creating lasting positive transformations in life, health, relationships, career and wealth.

Loving yourSelf Foundation is her initiative to inspire people to form an inner connection and love themselves. She believes that we each are powerful beyond measure, and in embracing our magnificence we play out our divine destiny.

She publishes the Love yourSelf monthly newsletter, which shares inspiring ideas and thoughts, creating new pathways to personal transformation and spiritual development. She also writes for national newspapers and holistic magazines.
At home, Shalini enjoys spending time with her loving husband, watching romantic films and reading inspirational books. She also loves to enrich her life by traveling to sacred spiritual places.

Loving yourSelf Foundation is her initiative to inspire people to form an inner connection and love themselves. She believes that we are powerful beyond measure and it is only us who can take the first step towards embracing our magnificence.

Simple being her intention: Continue her Self work and provide you with practical tools, challenging ideas, compelling resources, and helpful information, to support you in living a wholesome life, One which is filled with Love, Joy and Gratitude and inspiring enough to begin or go deeper into your Inner journey and Blossom. Towards this, her effort is to bring forth gentle Self Empowering Healing Tools & Techniques which have a unique blend of both Western doctrines and Indian philosophy.

Loving yourSelf is a prerequisite to attracting joy, abundance, wellness, meaningful experiences and above all Happiness.

Meera Bai, explained this process in one of her devotional songs - "The seed which was in my heart remained unsprouted ,until I watered it with the tears of my love. I offered it the warmth of my affection and now it has sprouted. Opening its leaves as it grows, soon it will blossom."

Each of us has an enormous ‘Well of Love’ within, and when we allow it to come forth, it flows out of us.

You can love yourselves. You can awaken to love and allow yourselves to live in the place of joy where positive changes happen automatically and thus spiritual unfoldment takes place within you by design.

Through this process you are not only able to progressively start leading a happier life full of Love, but also start spreading the Miracles of Love all around you thereby creating a wonderful and magical self sustaining eco-system of LOVE on our Planet.

And so it is….

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