Accelerate your Journey to the Light

ASCENSION means raising our vibrations, our level of awareness and consciousness to a high level and involves deepening our ability to love unconditionally.  It is a process of drawing down the Light of our Soul into our lives.

Ascension involves purifying our thoughts, cleansing our emotions, clearing out old patterns and ways of being, and choosing loving action for the highest good until we radiate at that higher level.  At this level we are in touch with oneness, the Divine plan, and we then live in joy and freedom which is Heaven on Earth.

The pathway to Ascension is open to everyone along with the transformation this brings, not only to themselves, but to all those around them.  On an Ascension pathway you are asked to live with awareness, in the present moment, and stand in your own Light.

2012 marked the end of a 260,000 year cosmic era. We have all incarnated to help usher out the old and prepare the world for the new Golden Age. This offers every single person on this planet a huge opportunity for spiritual growth.

There are many new high frequency energies entering the planet which will affect us all. For example thirty three cosmic portals are opening and they will flood their areas in Golden Light which carries wisdom, healing, protection and unconditional love. 

Everyone is ultimately aiming for ascension, which is the bringing down of the light of the soul into your life on Earth by raising your frequency to a higher level. This is a process of mastering the spiritual laws and when you have done so you, your vibrations enable you to ascend to a higher level of understanding. Humans are being offered an unprecedented opportunity for ascension now.

Our planet is moving into the 5th Dimension. During this transition, we will have to raise our frequency very rapidly.

Many of the sacred sites and portals in the world have been closed or only partially open. They will start to activate and profoundly influence people to wake up psychically and spiritually. If you visit these sites you will automatically draw in the higher energy.

The Ascended Masters & Angels are pouring in to help those who are ready for spiritual expansion, enlightenment and ascension and who want to work with community and nature will find true personal happiness and rich rewards for the soul.

Join me for this 2 day Advanced workshop to connect with your own Soul Blue print and Prepare yourself for the Transition into the Golden Age with the help of Angels & the Ascended Masters
When you fully open your chakras and act in a fifth dimensional way you access the wisdom of your soul. Your soul fulfils its blueprint for this journey on Earth.Your own personal soul journey will be more fulfilled and joyous  


The 2-day program comprises of 

  • A comprehensive understanding of Ascension
  • Shift of the consciousness through Dimensions
  • Spiritual Laws of the Universe
  • Building the Light-body (Antakarna) in preparation to hold the incoming new ASCENSION energies
  • 5th Dimensional 12 Chakra Activation - using Sound, Light, Physical body, Breath work, visualizations and ORBS
  • Connect with the Angels of the Higher Chakras
  • Know the Archangels & their Divine twin/feminine helping us in our journey for healing & guidance
  • Connect and Heal with the powerful Gold and Silver Violet Flame
  • Visiting the Ascension Chambers of the Ascended Masters for Karmic release and to raise your vibrations
  • Channeling the Ascended Masters of the 12 Rays 
  • Connecting with the Gem Rays of Archangels
  • Connecting with the Mahatma energy for our Ascension
  • Connecting with Arcturians & Plaeidians for HIgher Healing
  • Advanced and powerful healing meditations and techniques
  • Sound, Toning & Symbols
and much more.

Pre requisites: A basic knowledge and experience of working with Angels

This is an Advanced course. Based on the curriculum of The Diana Cooper School (UK)


This course is not a Teacher Training Course. For Internationally Certified Ascension Teacher Training, Please click here

To participate, please write to workshops@lovingyourself.co.in


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