May you be blessed by the Light of the Angels & Masters



CREATION BOX is a symbolic and powerful way of asking the universe to bring something new and wonderful into your life or a loved one’s.

What will the Creation Box do?

It will help to make your own wishes or those of a loved one come true. You can use it to send good things to help our Planet too.
When you are really clear what you want to bring into your life, whether it is a new car, a house, a satisfying job, a relationship, healing prayer or peace on Earth, you can use the Creation Box to help manifest it.

The Creation Box is placed at the Altar in the LYF Center. Your wish will be in the Creation Box for 21 days.
Every Thursday evening, during our Chanting session, we will do a special meditation and prayer invoking the help of the Angels, Fairies, Unicorns and the Masters for their Grace. Through the high vibrations of the Mantras and the Prayers, Your wish in the Creation Box will be carried by the Masters and the Angels into the Universe and have a positive energetic impact.
It really is a very powerful way to add joy to life. 

"Our strongest wanting for you is that you lighten up. In other words, spend more time looking for things to laugh about and play with. Play your way through this. When you follow your bliss -- it is always an easy journey." The Universe already knows what we want - everything we have ever praised, appreciated, thrilled at, is waiting to be delivered to you as soon as you will allow them in. Things are piled up outside our door that we have been wanting, and our job is just to open the door! So our job is to remind ourselves what we want, and spend some time increasing our vibrations so we are in harmony with our desires. The value of the creation box is to lighten our vibration. To make it fun and delightful to play in the beauty and wonder of the physical world, and appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. And to notice our point of attraction, and what we are putting in it.

~Abraham, Esther & Jerry Hicks

What YOU have to do:

  • Write your Affirmation / Wish / Prayer in the box (below) and make it as detailed as you like.  

  • After you have written the Affirmation / Wish / Prayer in the box and before clicking the submit button, close your eyes and Invoke Archangel Michael and ask him to cut your chord with it and your wish will be surrendered to the universe, where the Masters and the Angels can help your wish to come true. 

  • Remember that this or something better will now manifest for the highest good of all. This means it will not happen if it is not for your greater benefit. 

  • You may complete as many Creation boxes as you want to.  

  • When you send a wish / prayer for someone else your compassion and generosity is noted by the Universe and something good happens for you too. 

  • If your wish does not come true within 30 days, consider what beliefs you need to change.  Then try again. 

  • When your wish does manifest remember to thank the Masters and the Angels.  You may like to tell me about your dream come true on shalini.kalra@lovingyourself.co.in

    Please be assured that all requests will be kept Confidential.



Your Affirmation / Wish / Prayer:

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