Why not Go Natural and celebrate Earth Day Every Day?

Why not Go Natural and celebrate Earth Day Every Day?

There are many ways to care for our planet and Go Natural. Some of them are planting trees to increase the green cover, saying no to plastic, reducing meat consumption, recycling and reusing waste, composting leaves to make manure and fertilizers, supporting organic farming and buying organic produce. Above all, respect the soil, we walk on.

For your children

I urge you to watch this video with your little ones and encourage them to adopt daily practices for a greener planet.

Another Major Pollutant

While we have been reading about the toxic effects of air pollution in our country, less has been said about the harmful and dangerous effects of various toxins in the water here. Although, there are millions of people making steady efforts around the world.

 Do you know that textile industry is one of the most polluting of all industrial sectors, and is considered the second largest source of water pollution in the world after agriculture? According to the World Bank, 17-20% of industrial water pollution comes from synthetic textile dyes, and about 40% of synthetic dyes contain known harmful carcinogens, dangerous for all. 

Go Natural

So, for the sake of living beings on land, in the rivers and oceans and for our planet, there is one more important change you can make in your daily living. You can also include naturally dyed and handmade fabrics and clothing in your efforts to care for our planet and ourselves.


Natural dyes not only have minimal impact on the environment but also have health benefits, give rich hues of earth colors, increase biodiversity, fabrics are very soothing to wear and if you are keen, a lot of fun to work with. Read more on Avani Kumaon’s Blog by Rashmi Bharti.

I was fortunate to visit Avani last year and learn in detail about natural dyes from their team. Besides learning, it was heartwarming to know about their efforts to empower and support families from the nearby and not so nearby 164 villages in Uttarakhand region.

Watch this space to learn about natural dyes and my delightful time at Avani last year…..

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  1. earth can be saVed by indivisual efforts. let us think seriously what we are going to eave for next generation.

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