Feels great to be back!

Feels great to be back!

Over the last 3 years while I was on a break, I decided to truly follow my heart and experience life as it came. Nothing was planned.

I participated in a walk across the length of our country, made a few international trips, explored new vocations, rekindled interest in my almost forgotten hobbies, read new books, watched some amazing films, met many new people, looked after my home, cooked and baked my favorite food, spent time with family and reconnected with old friends.

I have no idea how time flew, leaving me enriched and much closer to myself.

Things have changed for the better and so has my website. I am thrilled that it has been transformed into a blog.  My friends have been persuading me to write, so through this medium, I will be sharing stories about my adventures and learnings. Not only from the last three years but also about what unfolds ahead. This is another first for me and I am certainly nervous about it.

I know that narratives from my most delightful discovery of the world of Storytelling for kids as well as my newfound passion in Natural Textiles will be very special. Both the projects took me into unexplored and unchartered territories, internally and externally. I traveled to villages and towns, which I had not heard of, met artists of various crafts and storytellers of different genres. Like a child, I have felt the excitement of exploring new areas and the joy of creative experimentation.


Though the seeds were sown two years ago, at the moment both initiatives are little saplings that need nurturing and love.

As I embark on this new journey and share my experiences, I hope that you enjoy reading my blog and feel equally inspired to follow your heart and enjoy the gifts of life.


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73 thoughts on “Feels great to be back!

  1. Fabulous to have you back. I am eagerly looking forward to the new ventures. At least I get to live voraciously through you.


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