Every 13,000 years, Earth enters into a new cycle. Our planet has now entered the Cycle of the Sacred Feminine, and it is the responsibility and honor of the female energy to lead Planet Earth back into the Light as the Grand Cycle returns towards the center of the Galaxy.

The fifth dimensional light with the keys and codes of your wondrous future is being constantly downloaded into the energy field of Earth. 

This will get stronger in 2014 for the old paradigm is collapsing even more swiftly than we envisaged.

Since 2012 golden seventh dimensional energy has been showered over the planet, like light rain.  It is also rising from Hollow Earth.  It is specifically concentrated on those who are ready to connect with the realms of the Angels and Ascended Masters.  This golden ray is bringing much hope to those who are ready and also opens them to higher aspirations and a desire to change the world for the better.

Much is expected of you in 2014 and much will be given to you.

Message from the Angels

Before you were born you were just a little spark of light connected to the creative force of the universe. You looked down on this great earth. What a beautiful planet filled with wondrous life forms. You started to ponder the possibilities of life on earth.

Do you remember the preciousness of life and that all life was created to experience love, light, joy, harmony, peace, equality, and abundance for all? If you can feel this in your bones, then you know it is true. If you cannot, do not despair for We will help you to remember. We can help you be a community of people who can gather your spiritual light and energies together to remember and to create a wondrous life for all living beings.

We must remember our vision and then focus on it and hold the vision together.

- The Full Moon is a time for completion.
It is a time for healing, the clearing of old energies and releasing what no longer serves us. The light of a full moon is said to illuminate those things within us that interfere with advancement on our spiritual path. Once we are enlightened to what is blocking us, it is easier to let it go.
- Crystals create an amplified Vortex of Light & help us to activate our higher chakras.
- Breath, Sound & Movement open up our energy centers enabling us to hold these higher aspects & frequencies of Light.
- Celebrations open the Heart and allow Divine Love and Gratitude, to flow.

This all helps to raise our individual Light, and brings us together on Earth.

We are light and we have come here to shine.

We were created from love and light and we are love and light.

We will create a human web of light.

Our planet is being birthed into the new Golden Age.

Are YOU ready to live in the 5th dimension?

If you are ready they will illuminate you so that you can live with love, happiness and enlightenment in the fifth dimension.

As you get in touch with your own light and shine it in your life you will change your vibration. As we gather our lights together, and share it in the world, our web of light will grow, which I know will have an impact on the earth and all life on it. This will help change and raise the vibration of the planet.

The power of the full moon will magnify the light we send out.
Each full moon we will keep working with shining our light and visualizing that we are connected to a global human web of light throughout the day and evening.

I invite you to join me in this Divinely guided space to help raise your own Light and our Planet.

- To enable us to absorb the high frequency Aquarian Ascension Energy which is poured onto you, so that you are ready for the glorious possibilities that lie ahead, rooted in the Heart.
- To help us integrate this crystalline energy in the 'Age of Aquarius' & create a world of Love & Light!

Imagine the healing and change in vibration that can take place in our own lives as well as on the planet!

Remember all life is of the light. You are light, we all are light, we join together in a great circle and web of light to experience our divine light and radiate it out to the inner circle.

We acknowledge the Divine perfection in each person.

The Intention

For the first time since Golden Atlantis we are accessing 9th dimensional light from Venus, Sirius and several other planets and stars.  While this is available to everyone it is only able to flow into those who are prepared and ready and brings much light, knowledge and wisdom to you.  
In order to be prepared and ready, May we all join in heightened conscious participation to contribute in shifting the balance towards greater Light, Love and Compassion in the minds, hearts and souls of all human beings on Earth, thus helping to heal the soul of the world, for the Highest Good of All.
Let us come together during this time to celebrate love and beauty, light and unity. 
Let us pray, each in our own way, for peace, healing, beauty, and global oneness! 

During the Celebration :

• We will Invoke our Guardian Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, our Guru’s & Teachers for the meditation.

• Around the Ascension Crystals Altar, We will honor the 7 Directions & pray to the 5 Elements to create an amplified Vortex of Light
• We will attune our energy with the Ascension Crystals, which help to activate and develop the higher chakras & raise our level of Light.
• Get ready to access the new Aquarian Ascension Energies coming in, with the intention of using this energy for the Higher Good of humanity and planet Earth.
• Use special 5th, 7th and 9th Dimensional protections so that you can ground the high frequency light
• We will Align, Activate and Energize our 5th Dimensional 12 Chakras so that we can hold the Light within us.
• We will come together in a Circle for Celebration of Light with Sound, raising our vibration & Expressing the Music of our Soul.


In the few days leading up to the Full Moon, list areas of your life in which you wish to exercise closure.

The days before the Full Moon are filled with energies and growth. Whatever you want to stimulate growing and prosper, dedicate this feeling in the days before the Full Moon. Whatever you dedicate after the full moon, will be in the spirit of the waning moon.

We will offer everything on the Altar that you want to be cleansed in the moonlight. For example: tarot cards, Angel cards, Gemstones, Candles, yourself, etc.





No previous knowledge is required for this course, which is experiential and informative.


To participate, please write to info@lovingyourself.co.in


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