Loving Movies


We are committed to bring to you uplifting stories that inspire love and compassion; films that connect us with ourselves and with the world around.

The inspirational films will be dramas and comedies, family movies, short films and documentaries on mind-opening many subjects, all sharing common elements to provide genuine nourishment for the Heart and Soul.

Soulful movies which will...

  • Inspire Love and Compassion!
  • Awaken your sense of Joy and Wonder!
  • Evoke a Deeper sense of connection with yourSelf and the Universe around you!

Above all, they will make you feel better about being who you are!

There is a screening of a meaningful movie every month in an informal setting followed by the sharing of your thoughts and experiences. You are invited to get your friends, family and loved ones along and be a part of the extraordinary experience.

There are no membership charges.

To be informed about the future movie evenings, please confirm your participation at movies@lovingyourself.co.in

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