Shalini Kalra Jacob 

Engaging Storyteller, Textile Enthusiast and a Trainer.

Over 10 years of corporate experience, 6 years of running her own training company and after an enjoyable break of 3 years, Shalini is creating a new path for herself as Blogger, a Storyteller for children and an Entrepreneur in Natural Textiles.

She is a Hotel Management graduate with an MBA in Marketing. After working in the Hotel and Finance industry for over a decade, Shalini forayed into the field of training and self-development as a Licensed Trainer in the philosophy of Louise Hay, thereby creating lasting positive transformations in life, health, relationships and careers of hundreds of people across India and neighbouring countries.

Her qualifications in management, coupled with her training in positive psychology and self-leadership with a strong emphasis on ethics & discipline, empower her to reinvent her professional pursuits successfully, time and again.

Certified by Kathalaya Academy of Storytelling, Shalini uses stories as an effective educational and culture-building tool, in her sensitive and delightful programs for children under the umbrella of Suno Kahani.

She incorporates music, puppets, props, affirmations, creative worksheets and art to help children rediscover their roots and fuel imagination. Her ongoing Planting Seeds Program for children is being received very positively.

She has a passion for sustainable textiles, block printing & dyeing with natural colors. As a textile enthusiast, her prime pursuit is to spread the dual message of Earth-friendly living ideas and self-empowerment.

 As Oscar Wilde says, 
To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance. 

The sacredness of nature enchants her and journey to the Self, fuels her inner explorations. The simple miracles of creation bring her immense joy and she continues to wonder about the vastness and mysteries of the Universe.

Shalini loves traveling to places where her instincts take her. She can read for hours, cook delicious food, enjoys decorating her home and watch sci-fi, inspirational films. She is married and believes that her husband is her perfect life partner.

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